For the love of toast


You’ve got a lot on your plate… but there’s probably room for toast

Illustration by Austin Clay Willis, Design Director.

With midterms, assignments, part-time or full-time jobs, and a gazillion other things on your plate, who has time for breakfast? Those precious seconds are better spent on literally anything else. After all, you can always buy something at the SUB or Finnerty’s to tide you over until lunch. Better yet, just skip breakfast and wait until lunch! At least on weekends you can sleep the morning away, so when you do finally wake up, breakfast will practically be lunch and you’ll only have two meals to figure out for the day.

But what if you wake up early? What if you can’t afford to buy breakfast every day? What if you need to break your fast before 12 p.m. sometimes? I have the solution for you. Something simple. Something with next-to-no-thought or preparation involved, and relatively cheap if you play your cards right.


Just stick a piece of bread or a bagel in a toaster and forget it. You can get dressed, pack for the day, put on your face, and maybe even take a shower. Once you’re done, the now-toast will pop out, ready to be feasted upon.

It’s best to catch your toast while it’s still hot. Just slap anything on your toast and you’re good to go. You’ve got your butter, your peanut butter, your honey, your jam, your avocado… whatever you want, just mix a few together and you got a meal!

A personal favourite combo of mine is peanut butter and honey. If you use butter, it’s best to slather it on while the toast is still hot. That way the butter melts and tastes much better.

With your combos of spreads (or singular, no judgement) on your toast, it can be really filling. Plus, bread is jammed with carbohydrates, which are naturally filling in and of themselves.

You don’t have to fry or cook something — that eats away at the precious seconds of your life! Just pop your bread or bagel in the toaster and when it’s done, it’s done. If you want more time to rush around, crank the toaster to a higher setting.

When it comes to toasted bagels, try sticking to only one half. That way, you won’t burn through bagels as quickly, and it’ll save you money on groceries.

Remember, breakfast is really important, so if you’re short on time, consider toast.