graphic by Darian Lee

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Dante André-Kahan — Senior Staff Editorial Assistant

In the past two years, my time at the Martlet has been a deeply transformative period for me. The things that I have learned about storytelling, people, and delivering a consistent, quality product are lessons and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have had the honour of working with many incredible young journalists; some of my proudest moments come from seeing their writing improve over time through working with myself and the other fine editors at this team. The Martlet is a publication with a strong sense of integrity and core values and serves its community in a way to which other publications should aspire. It is vital that this organization is able to continue its work.

Dante André-Kahan has been a Senior Staff Editorial Assistant with the Martlet since the summer of 2018. He has a passion for music, and has written about mental health and the housing crisis for the Martlet. Read more from Dante here.

Josh Kozelj — Senior Staff Writer

In high school, I always felt like an outsider. I felt like the dumbest person in my science and math classes, and constantly put myself down for not being able to make sense of the formulas and equations like my friends. At UVic, however, The Martlet made me feel included — and helped me strengthen my writing, interviewing, and even editing skills. More importantly, it solidified my passion for writing and convinced me that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Writing can often be considered a solitary activity, but with your support and readership, a group of a dozen or so student journalists can live out their dream of uncovering stories, writing profiles, or drawing designs — and, personally, it makes me feel like I’m not the dumbest person in the room anymore.

Josh Kozelj has been a Senior Staff Writer with the Martlet since October 2017. Over the last three years, he is most recognized for his coverage of mental health and sports in addition to writing features on sexualized violence, a child prodigy, and a member of the UVic community that attended the March on Washington in 1963. Josh has also been published in the Tyee and the Globe and Mail. Read more from Josh here.

Darian Lee — Design Director

I love working at the Martlet because I get to have a lot of creative freedom in my position, so I can explore different illustration and design styles while getting hands on experience and practice. I also get to collaborate and work alongside people who have different interests and perspectives than my own, so I get to learn a lot from them and be inspired.

As the Martlet’s Design Director, Darian Lee not only designs every cover, page, and most graphics you see from the Martlet, but she has also written several articles on mental health and non-monogamy. Recently, she is also responsible for re-launching the Artlet, the Martlet’s student art and poetry section. Read more from Darian here.

Mary Heeg — Senior Staff Editor

For a long time, the Martlet has played a significant role in the UVic community. More recently, it has started to play a significant role in my life.
I read Martlet coverage before becoming staff because I liked to have a sense of what was happening on campus and because I enjoyed the opinion pieces and editorials.

Last September, I applied for a job as an editor and was fortunate enough to get hired. Though working for the Martlet was the first job I’d had that I genuinely liked and felt passionate about, my involvement with the Martlet has been more than just a job I enjoy.

Working for the Martlet has expanded the issues that I critically examine and has greatly increased my knowledge of what’s happening on campus. It has also given me a community of passionate, caring, and intelligent coworkers who I enjoy spending time with and who inspire me to write well, research well, and tell important stories.

Though the Martlet means a lot to me, long after I graduate it will continue to be important to UVic. The Martlet holds university institutions accountable, provides student journalists with an environment in which to develop their skills, and, most importantly, tells stories that matter.

Mary Heeg is a Senior Staff Editor for the Martlet with a passion for reporting on politics and proportional representation. In the fall of 2019, she broke the news about UVic’s forthcoming website redesign. Read more from Mary here.

Truly Hunter — Senior Staff Writer

Throughout my time at the Martlet, I have been encouraged to interact with the campus and community in a way I previously thought wasn’t possible for me. As someone with anxiety, it used to be impossible for me to imagine that I would ever do things like interview my favourite local author or write an article that impacted students enough for them to approach me on campus and let me know how they felt. Now, I have done all of these things and more thanks to the way the Martlet has pushed me to become a better writer and a more involved member of the UVic community.

Truly Hunter is a Senior Staff Writer for the Martlet. She is author of the LGBTQ Review, a regular column which spotlights books that focus on themes, issues, or characters central to the LGBTQ community. In her time at the Martlet, Truly has covered the coronavirus outbreak and response in B.C., housing accessibility, and written several opinion pieces bringing light to systems of oppression. Read more from Truly here.

Kate Korte — Senior Staff Writer

The Martlet is a lab for journalism. Our newsroom constantly tests out new ways to be better — whether that be through incorporating skill sharing or adding in a column in collaboration with the Native Students Union. We’re constantly testing our methods and building each other up as a team.

While other large news outlets attempt to adapt to the ever-changing world of media, the Martlet is able to be more resilient and experimentative than so many others. I’m confident that the solutions to today’s media woes lie in the ideas of student journalists, and I’m proud to be a part of that in a little way as a Senior Staff Writer.

Kate Korte joined the Martlet team in early 2018 as Web Editor, and has worked her way up to Senior Staff Writer. Most recently, she has been on the front lines of reporting on the Wet’suwet’en solidarity crisis in Victoria, part of the Martlet’s coverage that was recently commended by the Canadian University Press. Read more from Kate here.

Alec Lazenby — Senior Staff Writer

When I think of what the Martlet has given me, my mind keeps coming back to one thing: family. The Martlet, above anything else, has given me a community within which I can develop my writing and journalistic skills while being surrounded by amazing colleagues who are always happy to help.

I have been a staff writer for four months now, and it really has amazed me how well everyone comes together week in and week out to create great coverage of the UVic community and beyond for our readers. From Natasha Simpson’s investigative work on UVic Rowing allegations (which won a national student journalism award) to Kate Korte and Emily Fagan’s coverage of the Wet’suwet’en protests at the legislature, the Martlet has been the number one source for UVic students on the stories that matter.

Our strength comes from our family dynamic as well as the support of our wider community, and in order for that to continue we need your support. So please donate.

Alec Lazenby is a Senior Staff Writer for the Martlet with a passion for political reporting. Most notably, he has covered the release of the B.C. budget, the 2019 federal election, and B.C’s electoral reform referenda. Read more from Alec here.