Help Philippines disaster relief

Letters Opinions

As the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan’s aftermath continues to affect the Philippines, the Filipino community here in Victoria asks that you think of the victims there. As a part of the worldwide community, we are all affected by this tragedy. Please think of offering your help to the relief efforts currently underway in the country. Let us all help the Philippines get back on its feet again after being crushed by the strongest storm to ever hit the world. It’s that time to come together again to help our fellow men.
The Canadian Red Cross is currently accepting donations for its relief efforts there, and until December 9, the Canadian Government has pledged to match (double) all donations made to charitable organizations for the efforts. Visit the Canadian Red Cross website for more on the “Typhoon Haiyan Fund” and to learn about the Government’s Donation Match. Please think about the help you can give to them in this time of need.