Here comes the sun

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They’re back! The flowers, the bees, our elbows and knees (and even some bunnies). It’s time to ditch the gym and hug the trees and seas because the heat won’t be here long and we may as well enjoy it while we can.

I’m not an avid exerciser, but I have found that my confidence in the gym or on the road goes up when I look like I could kick some serious ass. If you’re wanting to gear up, look no further.

MURO.EXE is the result of an impressive collaboration of four pioneers with “industrial designers, visual and graphic designers, biomechanical experts, conceptual and fashion designers, material investigators, photographers, and tech geniuses.” Together, they’ve developed the sneaker of the future – “a hybrid that unites the comfort of a sneaker with the elegance of a shoe” – and even broke down its components for you to explore. There are three designs for you to choose from, differing in colour combination and pattern. Sensor’s basic black lining and eyelets make it versatile, Devol’s sky blue lining will make you dream of running so fast you could fly, and Gripper’s blue-gray combat fatigue-patterned lining is daring enough for any field. Check out to have at it.

Urban Outfitters has a new activewear ensemble called Without Walls that adds a dash of UO flavour to the outdoors, for him and her. Their brand ofzest can now be found on garments for hiking, surfing, running, stretching, or just splashing about. Refresh yourself with the pineapple and stripe details on Salt Gypsy’s Pineapple Surf Legging and the citrus-ness of Without Walls’ Tender Shoots 7-inch Run Short ($68 and $38 at

Speaking of splashing about, the men’s trunks from Saturdays Surf NYC are too perfect for sunny days in a secret spot with cliffs for diving. The blue mineral or red floral topographic prints are a change from the all-too-obvious Hawaiian hibiscus. Or, you could take up your shades and rock the black-checkered Curtis board shorts. However, if you side with Paris instead of New York, perhaps the boardshorts from Sixpack France will be more to your liking. The prints are brilliant yet soft and they have an elasticized waist (compared to Saturdays’ drawcord waist). Find them and other brands at

If you prefer cool evening jogs, Lower (at designed tights with a reflective logo so you can dash without a crash. In all seriousness, be alert and stay safe.

Finally, with their X logo marking the spot, First Base ( has clothes that make me shame my proclivity for staying indoors. The loose fit, rollable hems, mesh features, and sweater-arm belts make their garments preppy yet slack enough to enjoy the dirt. What with sneakers sprinting for the trend frontline, it is no surprise that sportswear would start looking so good.

So slap on some sunscreen while you’re out and about and bask in the sun on mountains, in oceans, along roads, and amongst the trees. Time flies and there’s a reason why we count by days. Make them count and have a glorious summer!