How well do you think the UVSS election process works?


NEW_streeters Zach Adams



Until I had a friend of mine explain it to me, I knew nothing about it.

Zach Adams

First year

General studies



NEW_streeters Kristen Stevenson

I didn’t find it all that accessible for me to go and watch the debates like I wanted to, because I had classes and it kind of put a burden, and then I wasn’t sure what their platforms were and I was busy with midterms and everything. I felt like they could have done it at a different time in the year, and then students would have had more time to kind of find out about the platforms and read about that.

Kristen Stevenson

Second year



NEW_streeters Robyn Overgaard


Personally, I would have voted, but I didn’t, because I forgot. I think a lot of people just don’t realize that it’s happening. They see all the posters, but they might not know. It’s just like, ‘oh, right, today’s the day.’

Robyn Overgaard

Third year

Geology & Biology


NEW_streeters Karthik Gopalakrishnan

It went pretty well. [. . .] There’s a problem in increasing awareness to vote. People really didn’t really know what the UVSS was, and many people didn’t care, because they

thought ‘Oh, the UVSS doesn’t really affect us.’ So that totally affected the process, because people didn’t want to vote for something that they did not care about or something that they thought did not affect them. Overall, this year, I think it went just about the same, because only 17 per cent voted. [. . .] If awareness was increased on what the UVSS actually does, I think it would have gone much better.

Karthik Gopalakrishnan (director-at-large elect)

Third year