I reviewed the incoming UVSS Lead Director’s Twitter profiles, because why not

Humour Spoof

I have indisputably good opinions, and I like to share those opinions on Twitter. Not only does it allow me to connect with friends and co-workers, but it keeps me abreast of the zeitgeist in ways other social media channels can’t. I take pride in my Twitter account, and the finely curated content within.

That’s why I looked to see if our incoming lead directors shared that same enthusiasm, and undertook an informal review of each director’s Twitter profile, if they even had one. The results were mixed; check them out:

Ben Lukenchuk, Director of Outreach and University Relations 

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a Twitter account for Lukenchuk. This is concerning. He’s the face of the union, and that face needs to be seen on every platform possible. Here’s my advice, Ben: step up your social media game, and soon you’ll be running with the big dogs (like me).

Kevin Tupper, Director of Finance and Operations (@TupperKevin)

Tupper was sort of a known quantity this year even before running in student elections, having made appearances at two Annual General Meetings, and being quoted in a number of Martlet articles. Indeed, the first six of Tupper’s 23 tweets are retweets of the Martlet whenever we mentioned his name. Vanity doesn’t look good on you, Kevin. And neither does that low follower count. (36 at time of writing. Sad!)

Maxwell Nicholson, Director of Campaigns and Community Relations (@MaxwellN3739)

If Nicholson puts the same effort into managing UVSS campaigns as he does his Twitter account, we’re in for a long year. One tweet (in reply to us), and five followers? This profile screams “election rush job,” and that’s just sad. Maybe he should stick to baking.

Emma Kinakin, Director of Student Affairs

Yikes, another Twitter no-show. That’s awkward.

Jordan Quitzau, Director of Events (@QuitzauJordan)

Quitzau marked his Twitter debut Feb. 24, 2012, with the casual “Just got dat tweets.” Not much has happened since, save for a whopping three more tweets. But it’s not hard to see why: Quitzau follows some truly boring individuals, including former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Liberal Party of Canada, the Green Party of Canada, the NDP, and . . . the Toronto Sun?! What a low-energy enterprise. I’d avoid Twitter too if that’s what I was faced with.

I don’t want to suggest any sort of moral failing on the part of these fine directors because they refrain from vigorous engagement with social media. I’m just suggesting that they step it up a little, maybe — especially if they want to boost that coveted student engagement.

Otherwise, what the hell are our student fees paying for?