July 9 UVSS board meeting Tweetcap

Campus News

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder,’ the old adage goes. After three weeks apart, the UVSS Board of Directors conveyed in the Upper SUB Boardroom on July 9 to discuss the latest happenings on campus.

The board had plenty to discuss at their first meeting back, including finding answers to the $23 000 deficit in the 2017/18 elections budget that was discovered in June.

To start the meeting, Director of Outreach & University Relations Pierre-Paul Angelblazer announced Karina Dhillon as the new representative to the recently re-branded UVSS Feminist Collective (formerly known as Third Space).

Switching gears to executive reports, Director of Finance & Operations Curtis Whittla informed the board that all income statements from the previous year have been accumulated and the society as a whole had a $14 000 surplus after the numbers were crunched.

Director-at-Large Tyler Arnold then took centre stage with a pressing motion pertaining to the elections budget.

Unveiled by Whittla during the last board meeting on June 18,  the 2017/18 election budget ran $23 000 over their allocated budget of $26 327.

At the time, Whittla prefaced the statement by saying the UVSS as a whole was still under budget as of March 31, but that he couldn’t pinpoint an exact reason why the board overspent this year.

Whittla previously speculated in an interview with the Martlet that the elections budget may not have taken into consideration  both the Fall referenda and Spring elections, and that the deficit was partly the result of the absence of an accounting manager for the first few months of 2018.

Fast forward to the July 9 board meeting, where Whittla cited labour costs (particularly those of Chief Electoral Officer Karen Potts) and advertising costs as the main explanations for the over-expenditure.

In his motion, Arnold, who is also the chair of the Electoral Committee, said the committee will recommend changes to the operational procedures and report back to the board on the status of the changes before the next electoral event.

Next, Whittla announced three consecutive motions that would see the board transfer money from other funds to cover operational costs from the 2017/18 board term.

A total of $41 000 was moved from the Government Relations and Outreach fund ($12 000), the Elections fund ($24 000), and Special Events Trust ($5 000) to cover the costs.

Finally, the board concluded the meeting by clarifying language in student appeals regarding the Health and Dental Plan.

Students will now be required to provide proof of alternate coverage and satisfy one other requirement as outlined by the board to appeal.

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 30 at 6:00 p.m. in the Upper SUB Boardroom.

A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to UVSS spending as a “deficit.” The error has been corrected and replaced with “operational costs.” We regret the mistake.