Katwalk: Mini me

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Being in Victoria makes me miss some things back home in Singapore. One of these things is babysitting my niece and nephew. However, the span of the ocean doesn’t stop me from spoiling them every once in a while.

Recently, I noticed that Brandon Stanton, who started the page “Humans of New York,” includes very stylish kids (or kids with stylish parents) in his portraits and captions them with “Today in microfashion . . .” Once he captured a mini-gentleman looking very dapper in a navy suit, leather shoes, and Ray-Bans. (Also, google Alexander Wang’s niece.)

If the stork’s due to perch on your windowsill or if, like me, you’re battling a cousin for the title of Favourite Aunt, here’s a bundle of wee things for a wee one.

When my niece was born, my cousin and I went shopping for a gift. Let it be known that this was the only time we split credit, because this gift was too adorable to pass up. It was a white cotton playsuit from Petit Bateau with a little orange crab over the heart saying, “Pince moi, pince moi.” You can find their French quality clothes at petit-bateau.us. The Newborn Baby Hooded Jacket in Wool and Cotton ($117) looks so snuggly.

If the sailboat emblem of Petit Bateau doesn’t do it for you, Mabo Children’s Clothier has Nautical Tees ($28 at store.mabokids.com/products) that are made of organic cotton. They also have Layette sets for $62, which includes a long-sleeved tee, drawstring leggings, and an “elf/knot” hat. I mention the elf because I once thought that my cousin and I looked like baby elves, since our ears were slightly pointed. We were cute as hell, but the only bows they let us handle were the ones in our hair.

The Walnut Animal Society, founded by Lauren Bradshaw, makes lovely handcrafted dolls and clothing that’s right out of a Wes Anderson film or Sylvanian Family. Henry the Fox especially reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox. You can get Henry, Chester the Raccoon, Ruthie the Deer, Eleanor the Bear or Magnolia the Bunny for $98 at walnutanimalsociety.com.

While the weather’s amenable, take a walk downtown to Still Life For Him & For Her (For Him is at 551 Johnson St. and For Her is just across at 550). They carry Native Shoes from Vancouver, which are these brilliant “lightweight, injection-moulded EVA shoes” made in even more brilliant colours. Turn your kids’ feet into jellybeans, and get yourself a pair while you’re at it, because they’re available for adults too!

Still Life also has Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, which have had explosive global popularity. They’ll be restocking the Kanken Mini backpacks this month. Also be sure to add some Happy Socks to your loot, so you can prep your little adventurer for a leafy fall.

Everyone pretends to nom on baby feet and fingers, because oh we could just eat them up, yes we could. Though our teeth never get past our lips, the Baby Shark Sleeping Bag from TheMiniatureKnitShop on Etsy.com will eat your baby whole! It’s a handmade costume made with lamb’s wool, that ships from London, UK, for $146.63 USD. Order it in time for Halloween.

If these don’t make you the Favourite, try a Slinky? Peek-a-boo? Let them be the conductor on the train to resurrecting the child in you. All aboard!