LETTER | Concerns that candidate Justin Lo not the representative international students deserve

Letters Opinions

I am not a good writer, but I am still writing this because I worry about international students, especially because of the candidate Justin Lo. I find his actions very hypocritical, his fine words dress his ill deeds. Lo supports the ongoing protest across Canada but he has publicly criticized the protesters in Hong Kong. The comments he made towards the Hong Kong protest caused plenty of internal conflicts within the Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA). Also, Lo’s remarks caused an uproar and drew a lot of criticism from Hong Kong community members in Victoria. A number of members of the HKSA do not think Lo is able to represent the club, since he does not accommodate different viewpoints and only pretends to care in meetings. Therefore, as a member of the HKSA, I do not think Lo is a candidate who can represent international students and I am rather disappointed with Lo’s campaign. 

Can we trust this candidate to represent any more international students?

Marcus Ng

UVic second year undergraduate chemistry student

I was quite surprised when Justin Lo announced that he would be running for Director of International Student Relations. As he is the current vice president of Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA), I think he should first maintain his responsibilities there. Based on my past experience working with Lo on the executive board of HKSA, he makes promises and suggests new ideas but rarely follows up on the actual work.

I have not seen him participate in nor mention the divest campaign that is supposedly part of his campaign platform. This makes me believe that the campaign promise will vanish after he becomes the Director of International Student Relations. Lo should fully understand the amount of the workload that he has not been doing in the HKSA. Personally, I do not think Lo can maintain his participation and involvement in both UVSS and HKSA, and I hope he will focus on actually fulfilling his club responsibilities and engage with HKSA events first before running for any elections.

Yan Lam

Faculty of Human and Social Development

Member of HKSA