LETTER | “Deep disappointment” in NDP candidate Laurel Collins

Letters Opinions

I’m writing to express my deep disappointment in the federal NDP campaign of Victoria City Councillor Laurel Collins.

I was part of the Together Victoria movement that elected Laurel last year. I put up her lawn sign, attended her rallies, and voted for her. But now I, and other Together Victoria supporters, feel betrayed.

Laurel had barely been sworn in when her aspirations led her to betray our trust and move on to “bigger” things. While her Council campaign was marked by civility and togetherness, her campaign for MP has been full of mudslinging and the spread of blatantly false lies about the Greens. Yet she was happy to have Green support to get her elected to City Council in the first place?

Why has Collins chosen to betray her values to focus on attacks rather than policy the second an opportunity for higher office came along? As her own party leader, Jagmeet Singh, stated, “any party that scares you for your vote to hang on to power, deserves neither.”

I believe Collins owes all of those who came together to support her under the banner of Together Victoria some answers. In the meantime, I’ll be voting Green.


Jasper Duttenhoffer 

Community member