LETTER | Re: Assistant adjunct UVic professor allegedly let go for “politically incorrect” views on polar bears

Letters Opinions

The story “Assistant adjunct UVic professor allegedly let go for ‘politically incorrect’ views on polar bears” unfortunately contains some important inaccuracies.

• Dr. Susan Crockford was not “allegedly let go.” Rather, her unpaid adjunct appointment expired and she was not renewed.  The criteria for renewal are publicly posted and consistently and fairly applied.

• She is not a “former UVic professor.” Correctly, Dr. Crockford is a former adjunct assistant professor. There are significant differences between the two distinctions in their relationship to the university. Adjuncts are not employees and typically do not receive pay or research support because they do not provide teaching or research services to the university.

• The information regarding Dr. Crockford’s participation in the UVic Speakers Bureau is also incorrect. She has in the past, been a volunteer member of the Bureau. Since 2017, approval from a supervisor or department chair has been required for all adjunct faculty members of the Bureau. 


Paul Marck
Associate Manager of UVic Public Affairs