LETTER | Re: UVic Campus Security officer photographs Divest protesters outside Michael Williams Building for ‘personal interest.’

Letters Opinions

Campus Security Services takes its responsibility of providing for the public safety and security of campus members very seriously. It is central to their mandate. They also strive to have professional and respectful interactions with their fellow campus members, whether students, faculty and staff.

As standard operating procedure, Campus Security members photograph, record and take notes during numerous events on campus to provide an accurate record and to assist in further inquiries as needed. While some students may feel uncomfortable with that, they are taking part in a public demonstration on campus. Patrick Seward, manager of parking and transportation, was following the direction given to him by the director of Campus Security Services in performing these duties.

The allegation that Mr. Seward in any way took photographs for “personal interest” is not factually correct, nor an accurate portrayal of Mr. Seward’s comments or intentions.

Publishing such innuendo is a disservice to the high standards of conduct displayed by members of Campus Security Services, and the respectful relationship they have had with students over the years.

Paul Marck

Associate Manager of UVic Public Affairs