Letter to the Editor: “At least we’re better than Trump” isn’t going to cut it anymore

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Letter to the Editor by Laurel Collins. Collins is the Member of Parliament for Victoria.

President Biden extended the student loan payment freeze on his first day in office.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown little concern for the struggles of students and recent graduates. Not only did he leave students in the lurch this summer by rushing to give his friends at We Charity a billion dollars to roll out an employment program that never happened due to his scandals, he had to be pushed by the NDP to improve the Canadian Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) and agree to a student loan moratorium. But, now Trudeau has gone back on his promise to extend the freeze on student loan payments.

The Government continues to collect millions of dollars in interest on these loans. We know students are one of the most financially impacted demographics in this pandemic.

I recently partnered with the #Don’tForgetStudents campaign on a petition to Parliament calling on this Government to reinstate the student loan payment freeze, extend and include International students in the CESB, include recent graduates in relief programs and expand the Student Grant program.

President Biden is taking bold steps, while Trudeau is letting students down.

“At least we’re better than Trump” isn’t going to cut it anymore.