Letter to the Editor: Disappointment in UVic Sociology

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Dear Editor,

My name is a name, I am 49 years old, I am female . . . I am indigenous. I am writing in response to the article “A department divided” dated April 19, 2018. I have always always been socially motivated, so much so, that now I have worked and raised my family, I would like to reinvent myself. And as such I am interested in returning to school. It’s actually a very exciting time for someone like me. So many factors like where and who to invest my time my energy and most of all my money.

To my disappointment I couldn’t believe I was reading a editorial piece on the UVic’s Sociology department. For who and what I represent it has been made clear that my contribution of thought is not welcomed in that department . . . unless I am willing to conform. Um, I am not sure, but I thought diversity was welcomed with higher education? Instead, I see grown men with a lot of power and privilege and their like-minded students bickering over entitled behaviour. UVic will have to do better if you want people like me to attend.

— Rhonda Hill