Letter to the editor: From one generation to another

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This is a rally cry from my generation to yours to vote in this critical upcoming federal election. Under the current prime minister, our country is heading backwards when we need desperately to move forward in new and better ways. Our changing climate requires significant immediate climate action to mitigate the worst scenarios. Sustainable energy innovators are waiting eagerly to forge ahead with economically feasible, sustainable solutions; many economists predict these jobs could almost double in the transition to renewable energy. Unfortunately there has been no political will to break from old habits — instead they will accelerate unless we stop Harper. If we are to prevail in this 21st century, the voice of the younger and most affected generations need to be heard, now.

Please find a way to vote in the upcoming election. One of the insidious policies of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives makes it more difficult for youth to vote. So make sure you contact Elections Canada to find out where and when you can vote and what ID you will need to present. Hopefully there is also information on campus. Please, please add your significant voice to prepare for our sustainable future.

From Gail Meston,

Victoria resident