Letter to the Editor: Hold the NDP Accountable to Protecting BC’s Old Growth Forests

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Many people are unaware that 2.7% of productive old growth forests remain in BC, and are still being logged- with only 3,800 of the 415,000 hectares left marked as deferrals. The Fairy Creek blockade is the only thing protecting old growth forests from clear cuts. RCMP announced recently that arrests will commence any day. The most ironic part is that the blockade is in John Horgan’s riding! Yes, the same John Horgan that campaigned to save old growth forests and funded the creation of the “Old Growth Strategic Review Report”, committing to implementing its 14 recommendations to ensure protection of the remaining old growth forests across BC. We need old growth forests to foster biodiversity, protect nearby water systems, stay resilient in wildfires and serve as a global carbon dioxide sink. The most immediate way to help is to go to the blockades to see the old growth and support the protesters. Otherwise, donate to the go-fund-me page to support the protesters legal fund, and call your local MLA, Katrine Conroy, David Muter, George Heyman and John Horgan to demand immediate harvesting moratoriums on the 415,000 hectares, and to implement the recommendations they promised.