LETTER: Upper Year’s Input on the Party Scene

Letters Opinions

This is a Letter to the Editor submitted by Kailee Moreira.

As an upper-year student, I think I speak for many of us when I say the actions exemplified by the students who attended the parties over the long weekend comes as a disregard to all of the hard work and sacrifice that some students, faculty, and staff at UVic have put in so that we could all safely return to on-campus instruction. Not only did these events exceed 800+ people, but parties at UBC (which numbered 200-400) resulted in even fully-vaccinated students testing positive for COVID. This is a highly likely fate for the students who went to Cluster on Sunday and Monday night. For a high number of students, going back to online instruction would mean dropping out of their program. We fought so hard to be able to come back to campus, and we are now seeing all of our efforts go to waste in a matter of days. Something needs to happen so we can further ensure the safety of our UVic community to the fullest extent.

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