Letter to the Editor: UVic’s Sociology Department

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To the Editor;

The Faculty of Social Sciences is committed to provide an incredibly high quality academic experience to help students achieve success. We continually look for ways to improve courses and programs.

Your characterization of the Department of Sociology in your article, “A department divided,” included generalizations and unsubstantiated claims that minimized the constructive and good work being done.

As I told the Martlet in comments that were not published, we have taken specific steps to increase gender equity in the department in our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion. Also, Sociology is among those university departments with an upcoming Academic Program Review, which allows units to examine their present and future in a more sustained and focused manner. Units across campus undergo these reviews every five years to ensure academic quality. Eight academic units had reviews in 2017/18.

When concerns have been raised within the Faculty of Social Sciences, administrative leaders have met both formally and informally with undergraduate and graduate students and their elected representatives in efforts to work together to help students achieve their academic goals. We are not aware of any formal complaints to the faculty or department from students feeling unsupported in their work, but we take concerns seriously and there are established university processes and protocols that are available to any student, staff, or faculty member.

The University of Victoria is committed to fostering a strong community of diversity, respect, and civility.

Catherine Krull

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences