Letter | UVic needs to walk the talk about reconciliation

Letters Opinions

“The University makes a commitment to reconciliation that involves recognizing how colonizing structures and relationships impact Indigenous students.” UVic Strategic Framework Priorities

Seeing as how UVic knows how to talk the talk, you would think that they could walk the walk.

UVic Pride has noticed that UVic is steadfast in identifying as an ally to Indigenous people but has failed to offer a response to one of the most significant bodies of Indigenous student representation on campus — the Native Students Union.  

Silence is a means of upholding colonialism and is a tool institutions use to maintain the displacement of Indigenous people while dodging accountability.

How can we trust a university that is unaccountable to its actions, or the lack thereof?

After at least a month of silence, it would be lovely to see our university open dialogue with our Native Students Union.

If it wasn’t clear already, Uvic Pride condemns the actions of the RCMP on Wet’suwet’en territory.

-Avria Chrystal and Nathan Ponce on behalf of UVic Pride