Res is a mess

I would like to draw attention to the poor hygienic conditions residence students must put up with on a daily basis. Recently, I discovered a bloody something-or-other (could have been a bandage, could have been a tampon — I wasn’t going to look closely enough to find out) in one of the bathrooms in the Ring Road building. It was wet and fresh. Since my mom is an ER nurse, I knew it was dangerous.

So I called the residence office. Their response amounted to, “It’s Sunday. We’ll deal with it tomorrow.” They did send a cleaning lady, but she did not seem to have the equipment to deal with blood-covered objects.

Next, I called campus security. It took them an hour to send someone. At least he was able to collect the “evidence” and create a paper trail.

What makes me sick is that before I showed up, there were probably at least two or three people who got grossed out and did absolutely nothing.

I’ve found blood on the floor of a bathroom (dried that time, thankfully), and in toilets I’ve found giant poops that had been festering overnight.

Cleaning up just once a day and leaving the inhabitants of the building to their own devices is not enough: these things could make someone seriously ill.

David Blair
UVic Student