Letters Opinions

Speaking for J. Swift

I, Jonathan Swift, have reviewed your mawkish apology [May 9, Volume 66, Issue 1] to your amusing piece “A Modern Modest Proposal” [March 14, Volume 65, Issue 27]. “Emotional or psychological harm . . . caused to street-involved (I need a translation of that last term) persons or persons dealing with addictions.” Indeed. May I remind you that the piece was satire. If you are in the business of apologizing for hurt feelings, I suggest you change the name of the publication to “The Apology.”

By Jove, some of your critics are carrying on as if they had never read my brilliant work — surely an impossibility in the halls of modern academe.

By the way, I also received complaints in 1729 for my original A Modest Proposal. However, I just told my critics to go eat themselves. How times have changed. Pip Pip.

John Holden — UVic Law 1984
Yellowknife, N.W.T.