Letters Opinions

We’re 50, too
Okanagan College is reaching out to former students and employees of the B.C. Vocational School, Okanagan College and Okanagan University College as we prepare to celebrate our 50th birthday.

Just as Beatlemania was sweeping the shores of North America, then-premier of British Columbia W.A.C. Bennett officially opened the doors to the B.C. Vocational School on Sept. 28, 1963.

Since then, through amalgamations, growth, development and constant change, our institution has delivered valuable training to tens of thousands of students and helped communities throughout the region with economic, social and cultural development.

We know our former students and friends have spread throughout the world and we’re inviting them home to the Okanagan for a fun, informal party we’re planning on Sept. 27, 2013.

We’re also asking them to connect with us electronically to relate stories from their time at Okanagan College, and to nominate those people who have made a difference over our five decades of quality training and education.

For more information, visit okanagan.bc.ca/50.

Allan Coyle
Director, Public Affairs
Okanagan College