Has the NDP lost its people edge?

In recent provincial elections, the NDP were almost invisible. Why?

During the recent Enbridge protest held in the capital, it was the Green Party that managed to steal the thunder from the NDP. During the HST protest, it was former B.C. Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm.
It appears that the NDP can’t very well say it represents the people.

In all these peripheral areas of Canada, the political situation is changing. Incredibly, as disillusioned people have searched for alternatives, they have not looked at the NDP. In many areas, they are looking at the Liberals again. In Quebec, they have embraced the Bloc. But in a growing number of jurisdictions, in numbers too big too ignore, they’re checking out the Greens.

Why is that? What’s happening to the New Democrats?

As NDPers, we need to ask ourselves the questions and very quickly come out with the answers. One clue to our misfortune is the disgraceful actions of our chosen leaders. We watch them, federally and provincially, berate the government’s budget, opposing it but unable to make the responsible leap to austerity, then resigning in a huff of silence.

This may be a turning point in the slow slide to mediocrity and listlessness in the face of unprecedented ecological and economic crises. The “me, too” politics of concession and surrender to be seen as government-ready at any cost proves to be electorally disastrous eventually.

Where’s the Orange crush?

William Perry
Community member