Letter to the Editor: Concerns regarding Cedar Hill Rec usage

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This is a letter to the editor. The Martlet has an open letters policy and will endeavour to print every letter received from members of the university
community, with priority to undergraduate students.

It was brought to my attention yesterday that Cedar Hill Rec has applied for a “Liquor Primary” license so that they can use their squash courts, concession area and patio to serve alcohol.  This usage seems very strange to me and my first reaction was that it couldn’t be true. However it is true. There is a “Notice of Intent” sign on the NE corner of Cedar Hill and Finlayson which I expect not many people have not seen.

I don’t believe a publicly funded recreational facility should be in the business of selling alcohol, in competition with local pubs. I think public recreation facilities should be focused on community fitness and health.

There is little point in complaining about this to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch but I think that some may wish to complain about it to Saanich municipal council. I would encourage others to do the same.

It could also have ramifications for our dance community.  We rent space at Cedar Hill Rec and would find it uncomfortable if inebriated members of the general public come by our classes and practices and decide they would like to show us their moves! Other users of the facility may have similar concerns about security and parking at a site licensed to serve alcohol to 174 patrons.

-Raymond Rusk