Letters: Month of May

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Re: “Out of the classroom and into the real world,” May 8, 2014

I understand Mr. Schwartz’s desire to level with us young-adults—I can envision him, sitting in his backwards chair, calling us “Champ,” and telling us to huddle up and pop a squat. Behind the cool references to Candy Crush and Breaking Bad (how relatable!), his advice falls flat. Not all university students are privileged enough to make their first “serious financial decisions” after graduation. By the end of their degree, many students owe close to $50 000 in student loans, not to mention credit card debt, and a variety of other expenses associated with a post-secondary degree. Many new graduates already face the pressures of keeping afloat amongst overdue bills and credit card debt and large numbers of students face daunting medical expenses alongside all sorts of other financial pressures. Even those whose education is paid for often still work bad jobs, pay rent, and scrape by on meager groceries. Schwartz’s trite advice to grow up, experience the real world, and find a job fails to consider the students who everyday face very real financial pressures, instead he simply panders to the upper-crust.

Joey Takeda
UVic Student