Letters: Nov. 27

Letters Opinions

Re: “Board Shorts: Nov. 17“, “Board Shorts: Nov. 3“, “Board Shorts: Oct. 20

I thank you for your coverage of the recent censure of Director of Finance Cheema and near censure of three more directors, but I am disappointed that you have not covered this matter in the depth it deserves. Censure, especially of an officer, is serious and concerning, but its only tangible consequence is that it is a /public/ reprimand. The Martlet is the best, often the only, source for UVic students to get information about the UVSS. If we are to hold our elected representatives accountable, students need to know more about this situation. While I empathize with the directors in their personal struggles, their conduct and behaviour is nonetheless unprofessional, irresponsible, and in Mr. Cheema’s case, unrepentant. They, and the board, owe students an apology for this fiasco.


Josef Méthot

Past UVSS Constituency Representative