LETTERS | Re: “Concerns that candidate Justin Lo not the representative international students deserve”

Letters Opinions

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of working on Justin Lo’s campaign for the position of Director of International Student Relations. Justin is someone who has dedicated intense amounts of time and energy to reach out to international students this election, and I’m amazed to see how he has been able to balance studying full-time while also working the legal maximum that he is allowed to as an international student.

I was disappointed to see a letter in this publication attacking his character. Not his platform, not his policies, but his character. While I understand that student elections are often a stressful process for a number of people, this abstraction of who he is as a person is wholly unfair. The authors both suggest that they are familiar with who he is, and that they have an intricate understanding of his work ethic and accomplishments. They do not.

Justin is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person. He is dedicated, hard-working, and someone who I want to see succeed in whatever field he finds himself in.

I trust Justin Lo.

Marshall Scott-Bigsby

Campaign Manager