Letters: Week of March 6

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UVic Greens’ Statement on the UVSS Election
March 3rd, 2014

The UVic Greens would like to extend a big thank you to all the candidates for running for student government and responding to our questions.

As a campus club, the UVic Greens commends Link’s position on fossil fuel divestment. Their strong commitment and motivation to pursue divestment at UVic is something we see as a crucial step in attaining sustainability on campus, and making the University of Victoria a leader in progressive environmental policy.
As Green Party Leader and Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May stated:
“The most important university campaign right now is the divestment of funds from the fossil fuel industry”.

Greens believe that a diversity of voices is an important component of democracy, and we are pleased to see an independent candidate running for an executive position in the UVSS. We support Casey Lazar’s creative approach to campaigning for fossil fuel divestment as well as local food, art, and culture.

Finally, we welcome Vision UVic’s approach to building constructive and responsible relationships through strong and regular communication to all students on campus.

Our original questions posed to candidates, as well as complete responses are available for viewing online through the link attached. Additional information can be found on the Martlet’s website and through both Link and Vision websites.

We strongly encourage our members and all other students to make an informed vote, either online or in person, on March 5th. Voting may be found at https://webvote.uvic.ca/.

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