Suicide awareness for all of us

Thank you for publishing Nadia Grutter’s important and poignant story “Suicide: what you don’t hear.” I know first-hand how much courage it takes to come out in social circles about tough issues that are so often littered with stigma, but as a former professor once told me, those are the only things people really need to hear about anyway.

Grutter accepts the challenge of that stigma head-on and manages to give readers a humanized and biting sense of how “normal” suicide has become in our world; yet this isn’t a story or a message meant for troubled students, or people fighting with mental illness — it’s meant for all of us. Thank you.

Danielle Pope
News Editor, Monday Magazine 


Enbridge protest needs balance

The protest doesn’t deserve our applause.

An emphatic “NO” only galvanizes one side and does little to develop jobs within this sustainability crisis, and almost certainly ensures a missed opportunity to negotiate a more equitable solution to this province’s economic struggles as it crosses critical thresholds, whose lasting and prolonged consequences are then hard to reverse.

Perhaps those who have so much time on their hands to spend clapping, chanting and carrying signs should consider conditions for many struggling B.C.-ers and think up specific, achievable solutions to balance environmental concerns they have helped create — besides protesting for the sake of protest.

William Perry
Community member