Lone banjo player plays music downtown sometimes


By Bro Tears

A man with a banjo was seen singing something on a street downtown last Tuesday at around noonish. It was folk music, or something alternative, and it was definitely acoustic.

When we asked the crowd surrounding him what they thought they said, “We’re just waiting for a bus,” “Oh that guy? Yeah I guess he is alright,” and, “Is that even a banjo?”

When we asked the man what his inspiration was, he said, “I don’t really know…maybe Bob Dylan?” and walked away. Upon further investigation, we found out that his name is Tom, or maybe Tim.

Sources say Tim/Tom is often seen around that area throughout the week, and he generally also has a banjo with him, though they could not confirm when he plays it and where.

The man may be there again next Tuesday, so you could go see him, if that was something you wanted to do, and if he was there, which we are unable to confirm at this time. We suggest you might want to check it out, if you like that kind of thing.