Lost in the music and you

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It’s no Earth-shattering discovery that when two things come together and they work, the results can be awesome. Whether it’s the composition of sounds in your new favorite song or chemistry between two people, union has the potential to be great: that song you can’t stop listening to, for instance. Music can be enjoyed for what it is and doesn’t necessarily need to be probed for meaning. Different people like different music, and who am I to say how you experience it? For myself though, with most songs I’ve been in love with, there comes a point in the music when all the dynamics come together in such a way that it almost reaches a spiritual level. Everything else on my mind fades away, and the only thing I’m feeling is the sound. Whether it’s the 3.31-minute mark in Pretty Lights’ “Done Wrong” or the harmony at the end of “Brad’s Song” by Current Swell. Either way, I just eargasmed.

What we feel like listening to also changes with our mood. I’ll love electronic music until the day I die, but I don’t want to hear it all day, every day. Variety is the spice of life, right? We’ve all had to retire songs we loved because the magic just wasn’t there anymore, kind of like relationships. Bottom line: when the song is right and you’re feeling it, music can reach a whole other level of awesome.

The same could be said about sex. If you and the person you’re getting into it with are on the same page, it’s probably going to rock. But if something just isn’t feeling right, or you’re freaking out about the food baby you left Floyd’s Diner with, you’re gonna have a bad time! It’s not easy to reach the level of focus (or distraction) required to get off. As lost in the music as I get, the other kind of peak, unfortunately, doesn’t come as easy. Literally.

Can music be used to enhance our sexual experiences? I don’t think there’s a universal answer for that. However, it’s an awesome addition to hooking up. I thought Flume’s music video for “You and Me” was kind of gross, until I found myself living it while it played in the background.

Epic? Yes, but do you ever actually remember what song you banged to after the fact? It’s a good thing. How can you be lost in sex if you’re singing along to “Fuck You All the Time (Shlomo Remix)” in your head?