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We’ve been covering campus stories since 1948, and we don’t plan on stopping

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Welcome back to campus! Thanks for picking up a copy of the paper or, if you’re reading this online, browsing our site. I’m sure it’s been a busy time for you as you’re getting adjusted to the reality of a new semester and the campus. And yes, there are multiple buildings that are named after Davids. We don’t get it either.

Right now, you are reading the Martlet — the best source for campus news and the pulse of the campus community. Our stories are written, edited, and designed by students or recent graduates. 

We’re an independent, student-run newspaper that’s been around since 1948, which means we’re even older than UVic itself.

Having more than 70 years of history means we’ve been part of some pretty cool things. We’ve caused quite a stir both on campus and in the greater Victoria community. On one occasion, Martleteers stole a cannon from Royal Roads University and shot it off in front of the SUB.

There aren’t any more cannons for us to steal from Royal Roads anymore, but we continue to be the only independent news outlet that reports on matters important to the UVic community. That’s right — we’re completely independent from the university and the UVSS. 

Being independent means we are outside of the control of any other entity, including UVic and the other student groups on campus.

We aim to report on relevant issues and events fairly and to act as agents of constructive social change. What this looks like has changed throughout the years, but one part of this means that we are committed to telling the stories of those who have been historically underrepresented in student media. For example, we regularly run a column written by the Native Students Union, News Unsettled, and specifically encourage BIPOC students to volunteer with us.

While some people may see us as radical leftists, we’re merely an alternative and independent source of news that’s committed to informing students about what’s happening, fairly and accurately. Our staff, volunteers, and contributors come from all walks of life, all with our own beliefs and experiences. 

We’ve written stories about the recent parties on campus, the worsened housing crisis this summer, the future of online classes, and local student-directed theatre. 

Between dealing with the ongoing pandemic that’s kept us mostly inside and preparing for being back on campus, we’ve all certainly struggled to find our footing. But we at the Martlet want to remind you of one thing: we are here for you.

Whether you need to be updated on local COVID-19 news, figure out what UVic is (or isn’t) doing, or discover new things to do around town to distract yourself from all that stuff, we have it covered. We are your one-stop shop for staying informed. 

We’re always looking to mentor new writers. Have an opinion? Feel a sudden urge to hold stodgy university administrators and shifty politicians to account? Want to showcase interesting people and uplifting stories from your communities? Go ahead and get in touch with us! We’re a cool bunch, and we always know what’s happening. 

Our volunteer program is a great place to start because it allows you to get involved and learn from our free workshops with very low commitment. You can also sign up for our pitch list and newsletter, pitch a story, or get in touch with our editor-in-chief (