Support the Martlet (and get some cool merch)

With community support over the last year, we’ve grown our staff, updated nearly 20-year-old broken technology, and won two national journalism awards. There’s so much more we’d love to do — including sponsor staff to attend a national student journalism conference and modernize office technology that’s over a decade old.

Each dollar you spend on our 70th anniversary edition merch goes directly towards supporting student journalism at the Martlet.

Interested in buying any of our merch or donating to us? Check out our donorbox — just donate the price of the item you’d like (and check out our monthly subscription options for even more merch deals!) and send your receipt and order to


What better to drink from while reading your morning coffee (or scrolling through your news feed) than a mug from your favourite independent newspaper?

Set of three — $25

Single mug — $10


The perfect size for a laptop, books, and a notebook, this tote bag is perfect for accompanying you for chasing down a source, running errands, or even a day at the office.

Tote bag — $5


How better to show you love student journalism than with one of our limited edition t-shirts? All of our shirts come in small, medium, large, and extra large.

Shirt — $25


Typewriter — Black or White

Printing Press — Black or White

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