Music for that January mood

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I find January to be a melancholy month: after the holidays, but spring has yet to make any appearances; the whole month is kind of like a bad hangover after the festivities of December. The beginning of January is generally a time of high hopes, resolutions beginning with “This year I will…,” but, nearing the end, there is usually the general recognition that, just like Januarys before, you’ve fallen back into your old patterns. It’s dark and cold, and you’re snapped back to the reality of school. However, it’s also the beginning of a new year, and there is definitely a sense of wonder at what that year will bring. January is kind of like the moody teenager of the calendar, so here are some tunes to get you through that new year funk.

1. Glory Box, by Portishead

The band’s vocalist, Beth Gibbons, sings sensual and haunting lyrics accompanied by dreamlike instrumentals and beats the band is so well known for. This song will put you in a trance, perfect for reminiscing about your past year. It’s a song in tune with your melancholy mindset, perfect for moments of quiet contemplation.

2. Champion Sound, by Crystal Fighters

If “Glory Box“ had you daydreaming, the uplifting and relaxing beat  of “Champion Sound“ will gently rock you awake. This song promises great things, and will make you feel like the new year’s opportunities are endless, and amazing things are just around the corner.

3. Furr, by Blitzen Trapper

This number opens with a roar, literally. Beyond that, the folk song’s mood-elevating and catchy beat, coupled with beautiful, story-telling lyrics, will have you both listening intently and feeling a need to dance, from your head to your toes.

4. When the Seasons Drown, by Grey Kingdom

If you feel like the winter is weighing too heavily on your mind and heart, this song will sympathize. While it won’t necessarily bring you out of that wintery sulk, you definitely will find comfort in Spencer Burton’s voice and relate to the song’s moody tone.

5. The Woodpile, by Frightened Rabbit

This Scottish band’s folk-rock beats and lyrics will have you seeking to hide out the winter with your friends, by a warm fire, and set aside the rest of your worries for a while.

6. People, by Wilderness Crew

This B.C.-based hip-hop crew has created an anthem that speaks for seeing the best in human nature. It will have you believing both in yourself and in the fact that summer is just around the corner.

7. Son’s Gonna Rise, by Citizen Cope

Apparent from this song’s title, this song assures you that the sun will rise, and on those dark January days, this song reminds you that each one of these days is slowly getting brighter as we head towards spring. Keep your chin up.

8. Get Free, by Major Lazer

This uplifting song will have you dancing, and watching the music video prompts seeing things a little differently (in a good way), giving you an excellent mindset to start off the new year, and perhaps fulfill some of those resolutions.

9. Messages, by Xavier Rudd

This beautiful and deep folk song calls to mind each year’s passing, where we’ve come from and where we have yet to go. However, instead of being overwhelming, this song puts it in a way that makes you feel hopeful for what we can accomplish.

 10. 1904, by Tallest Man on Earth

This song makes me think of the past, and also recognize that the world just keeps turning. Regardless of what pivotal moment we believe is happening in our lives, the years keep going, and this song will remind you not to let the time slip by.  \

11. White Moth, by Xavier Rudd

This joyful song will make you welcome January! It will make you want to go outside, regardless of weather, and appreciate each day.

Enjoy these songs, sit back, and relax into the New Year. Find a fire to cozy up to, grab a good cup of tea, and wait out until summer. Now is the time to decide what your next step is.