Northern-Irish singer-songwriter SOAK to release second album

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SOAK-ing up the good vibes

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At age 22, Northern-Irish singer-songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson, known by her stage name SOAK, is set to release her second album in April 2019. Grim Town will include fifteen original songs, including the already-released singles “Everybody Loves You,” “Knock Me Off My Feet,” and “Valentine Shmalentine.”

These teasers have tempted fans all over the world, leaving them craving more of SOAK’s unique and expressive voice.

In “Everybody Loves You,” SOAK sings with vulnerability, bringing the listener on an emotional, relatable journey. At the beginning of the song, she actively denies her own feelings, lying to herself and singing, “Everybody loves you, but not me no way” and, “I don’t hurt no more.” But as the chorus develops, her true feelings shine through as she sings, “Everybody wants you, and I do too.” The passionate lyrics and powerful instrumentals and harmonies result in a truly captivating listening experience.

Meanwhile, “Knock Me Off My Feet” is filled with uplifting instrumentals and an elated chorus. Listening to the song, it’s hard not to hop, skip, and sing along with the volume cranked up. “You can you can knock me off my feet, but I won’t stop now, you can take a seat,” she croons.

In her most recent pre-release, “Valentine Shmalentine,” SOAK shines light on one of the biggest lows in life: break ups. SOAK’s voice is smooth and breathy, expressing how lost she feels, speaking for everyone who has been through a hard break up. “Help! I’m scared, I’m lost in some nothingness,” she sings. The slow rise in volume and the continual addition of instrumentals as the song reaches its climax is a beautiful representation of emotions as they intensify. The simplicity of the song is moving and the lyrics speak volumes.

SOAK’s music is unique and poignant; she is able to manipulate her voice to convey different emotions. Her music reminds people that, whether they are happy, sad, or anything in between, they are never alone in their feelings. All three pre-releases are so clearly her style, yet they each bring something unique to the table. If these first three songs are any indication of what to expect from the other twelve tracks on Grim Town, we’re in for a real treat.