Pacific Coast Pretty: Be a violet vixen this Valentine’s Day

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Don’t be caught with run-of-the-mill red lipstick if Cupid’s arrows fly your way this Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is turning to traditional hues like baby pink, cherry red, and moody Bordeaux, think outside that heart-shaped box and take shades of violet and orchid for a spin. You’ll look bright-eyed, fresh-faced, and ready for spring, and be ridiculously on-trend to boot.

Radiant Orchid was named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2014, which is fantastic news because it flatters nearly every skin tone. The Pantone Colour Institute is a world-famous authority on colour and colour systems, and its Colour of the Year frequently dictates which shades the fashion and cosmetics industries will focus on for the upcoming year. Orchid is a delicate mix of fuchsia, purple, and pink, and is much more universally wearable than its pastel cousin, lilac.

Orchid and violet have rosy undertones that not only flatter a wide array of complexions and brighten your visage, but also allow you to multi-task with your cosmetics. They fit into a rare category of colours that can be worn readily on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Of course, you might not want to use the exact same shade in all three places, lest you end up looking like an overenthusiastic botany student. To catch the eye of that special someone on Feb. 14, consider orchid eyeshadow and deep plum liner, a delicate pink cheek and a satiny violet lip look. Keep reading for a quick how-to that will leave your beau blushing.

Violet Vixen Look

  1. Prep the entire face with moisturizer and a silicone-based primer to help your bloom-based look stay fresh all day.
  2. Apply your foundation and concealer, and fill in your brows with shades that match your skin tone and hair colour.
  3. Swipe a layer of eyeshadow primer onto your lids.
  4. Take a light purple eyeshadow (the infamous orchid) and apply it on the inner half of your eyelids with a medium eyeshadow brush.
  5. Using the same brush, apply a shimmery opal eyeshadow to the inner third of the lid and your browbone. Blend the opal into the orchid.
  6. Take a darker purple eyeshadow with the same undertone as your first shade and apply it to the outer half of your eyelid with a small eyeshadow brush, sweeping it just past the outer corner of the eye and onto the lower lash line.
  7. Blend the violet into the orchid well for a blossoming, seamless colour gradient!
  8. Line your upper and lower waterlines (the little line of skin between your eyelashes and your actual eyeball) with dark plum eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to smudge it a little for an extra sultry gaze.
  9. Add two to three coats of mascara to your lashes.
  10. Brighten your cheeks with a matte- or satin-finish blush in soft pink. Try to stay away from sparkles or lots of shimmer here, since your eyes and lips are the standout features in this particular look.
  11. Set your face with translucent powder to keep your colours looking fresh, and to stop migration and smudging. Gently blend some of that opalescent eyeshadow on the tops of your cheekbones to really make them glow.
  12. Line your lips with a clear lipliner, and then swipe a juicy violet shade of gloss or lipstick onto your pout, and you’re ready to go!