People in SUB do things?


By Max Power

So I saw this guy a while ago? You know, that one guy, with the hair and the shirts? Well, the guy was walking past that place in the SUB, not like the sandwich place, I mean like the Student Whatever Building? And it was that place, you know that place? With the tables?

Anyway, the guy was walking, and I was watching him, you know? Then he turns and goes down the hall? You know, that hall across from the place with the movies? What’s it called? Movies, like a cinema? Like, it’s the centre for cinema? You know, that place?

So the guy went in there, and I guess it kinda seemed like he was going to do something important? You know when you see somebody that has like an air of . . . like an atmosphere of . . . like just a really purposeful vibe? Like maybe they don’t end their sentences with questions as much as you do?

So yeah, the guy went in that hall across from the place with the movies, you know, with all the offices and stuff? And then he came back, and then he went down the stairs. I guess because there are stairs there? And he didn’t come back out for a while I think? And when he did, he was carrying a clipboard, and he like, went up to people and started talking to them, and I was like, “whaaaaa?”

So then I asked around, and I found out the guy works for some other newspaper that’s here I guess? It was called, like, something like a birds name? I don’t know because I’m not a bird . . . studying . . . guy, but I guess it was a mythical made-up bird?

Anyway, yeah, that’s what happened to me that time.