Personal Paradise: Cordova Bay

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SPO_Paradise_webThese were taken the Cordova Bay beach, off the Agate Lane access road. This is a glorious, long beach, with lots of sand to walk on at low tide and nice little coves like the one we were standing near when he proposed.

This is a special beach for us. Bryan took me here on what turned out to be our first date, which he kind of tricked me into. This was the beach where we agreed that it was worth the risk to take our friendship into the realm of romance.

On this particular day, May 3, 2014, I felt excited and happy. I kind of thought a proposal might be coming, but I wasn’t expecting it this day. I was excited to spend the day with Bryan while our friend Heather took photos of us, supposedly for a photography class project. To get us comfortable, she was asking us questions about our relationship. We were having a great day at the beach (even though it was raining a bit), reminiscing and talking about the period of time leading up to becoming a couple, and about highlights from the past four years. We were feeling very lovey and happy.

At one point Heather called me over from where I was standing with Bryan to ask if I thought her photos were out of focus. While I was standing with my back to Bryan looking at the photos, Bryan got down on one knee. When I turned around, he proposed and I started to cry and joined him on the ground for a hug and a kiss.

After I finally said “yes,” we spent another half hour or so walking along the beach, kind of forgetting that Heather was there. It was a perfectly executed proposal in a very special spot!