Personal Paradise: Sombrio Beach

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Annelise Kempling (photo contributor)

Sombrio Beach is one of many beautiful beaches along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, a B.C. provincial park. Getting there isn’t necessarily quick or easy, but the easy hike down to the beach, amazing surf, and secluded waterfall are well worth the drive and effort.

By car, head through the town of Sooke. Keep going. You will pass through the small, exposed “town” of Jordan River. Keep going.

You will pass signs for other beaches that make up the stunning marine trail, and eventually the turn off for Sombrio appears on the left. The compact dirt and gravel road to the parking lot access point is not for the faint of heart (or low-riding vehicles). Once you make it safely to the parking lot, the hike down is very pleasant and easy. Sombrio Beach is divided into a West Beach and an East Beach — both provide excellent camping spots, or manageable day hikes. Be prepared to pack out what you bring in. This is a wild space and encounters with wildlife are possible at all times.