Pink Bicycle restaurant serves crunchy burger treats

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A pink bicycle sits elegantly by the window of The Pink Bicycle Gourmet Burger Joint, one of the most popular restaurants in downtown Victoria. Located at 1008 Blanshard Street, it can be hard to find unless you look carefully; however, it’s worth the look.

All the dishes from The Pink Bicycle contain ingredients from local organic farms. As proudly stated on the restaurant’s website and menu, “All ingredients are sourced as close to home, as seasonally possible, to ensure freshness and to encourage sustainability.”

The Pink Bicycle’s biggest attraction are its handmade burgers with fresh ingredients, including meats locally and organically sourced from places such as Island Bison and Seabluff Farms. All burgers are topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onion on Bond Bond’s Bakery sesame buns (Origin Bakery’s gluten-free buns are also available). The traditional beef burger is available as well as various other options such as mutton, tuna, chicken, and a variety of vegan and vegetarian choices. Personalizing your burger is not a problem here, as there is also a wide range of additional toppings, from caramelized pears to a fried egg.

Burgers are served with a choice of fries, a house salad, or the daily soup. I have had the opportunity to try all three of them, and the house salad has been my personal favourite. It includes crispy lettuce and vegetables topped with Parmesan cheese flakes and candied sunflower seeds. The vegetables and the burger patty inside the bun feel crunchy all the time, instead of flapping and slipping helplessly in dripping sauce. The price of burgers ranges from $11 to $15, and the meal is definitely worth the price.

If eating alone, I wouldn’t recommend ordering anything extra, since the side and burger should be more than enough to satisfy. However, if you have friends around to share with, I suggest starting with the Pink Bicycle Poutine. It’s slightly salty, but tastes excellent and includes a never-ending supply of string cheese that makes pulling out a piece from the bowl a hilarious as well as delicious experience. Also a delicious vegan mushroom gravy option is available.

The serving staff was friendly and helpful on my visit, and though the food took longer to arrive than at most burger places, the quality was worth the wait.

Be ready to give up your dignity when you get here, since (as with other burger places) there’s no glory in spluttering crumbs, lettuce, and sauce all over the table and yourself, especially if the ingredients are as crunchy and the burgers as large as they are at The Pink Bicycle.

The restaurant’s attractive interior design includes artwork from Alphonse Mucha, and the subdued lighting creates a romantic and homey feeling. If you want to try out a healthy, crunchy, and eco-friendly delight for your stomach, don’t miss The Pink Bicycle.