POETRY: Fermented Love

Culture Literature

Fermented Love

I’ve been sipping

on my own vanity for too long and

the tea bag’s turned me bitter.

I’ve been yours for so long that I’ve forgotten

I am my own sister.

Only when you let go of all the things

that give you your worth will you find the person

that you’ve been since the hour of your birth.

But we’ve been coked out and

smoked out by our own flames for way too long.

Patience is waning and the rent is overdue.

We’re too broke to be the person we thought we knew.

So we ferment our love.

Place it in a sterile jar and wait

for a time when we can love

without counting our quarters and our dimes.

They say it grows more potent with time.

They say it gets wiser the longer it is confined.


Simone Blais is a second-year student in History and Indigenous Studies from the Métis nation in Ontario.