Rewind that tape: vintage goodies for the old at heart

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Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris will forever remain a film dear to me because of the protagonist’s adamant fondness for the past. The lesson learned became similar to the idea that it’s okay to have your head in the clouds as long as your feet are on the ground. If you’re firmly planted in the present, there’s no harm in being enamored with the past, let alone dressing like they used to.

The Victoria Vintage Expo coming up at the end of the month inspired the vintage theme of this article. Organized by the Vintage Fair, the Expo will be hosted at the Crystal Garden from September 26th to 27th. It currently informs us that there will be 79 booths manned by vendors selling various remnants of yesteryear. You’ll be met with clothes, furniture, accoutrements, photographs, books, toys, and all sorts of nostalgic curiosities. The weekend pass sells for $7 at the door.

Leading up to the Expo, I ventured to dig up some vintage stores, both online and local, and I found a surprising range that might peak at least one facet of your fancy.

Rolling out the carpet is 1861, a boutique that revels in fairy-lit glamour. Its vintage collection transports me to parties in grand country mansions, where ladies got lost in hedge mazes and gentlemen wearing hats deep enough to fit a rabbit was magical in itself. 1861 has two stores in Montreal (should you be inclined to visit), but they do ship within Canada for a small fee of $5.

If you’re one for luxury brands, Nasty Gal has vintage scores from names like Oscar de le Renta and Saint Laurent. I was immediately moonstruck by John Galliano’s Moonstone Silk Dress, though it shall remain light-years away from my wardrobe.

The vintage finds by Jessica Humphrey and Jonathan Cammisa of Victory Press are more for the dudes. Their tees, shirts and jackets are bound to bring out the funky monkey in you.

Miracle Eye has a vintage collection that will make you miss Rifflandia (or, rather, Woodstock). The fur-trim jackets and ripped band tees wrap around a psychedelic core that will transform any look into a portal to the past. I was surprised to find a vintage Singapore Lion City Tee that, sure enough, triggered some reminiscence of home.

Finally, hit up Vintage Funk Emporium (705 Johnson Street) or Mavens (21-532 Herald Street) for a direct taste of that vintage flavour. I have yet to check out Mavens, which is hosting a booth at the Expo, but I know Vintage Funk Emporium to be a quaint little store, brimming with enduring baubles and threads, worth missing your bus for.