Send the UVSS back to Civics 101

Letters Opinions

On September 24, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms released a report outlining what it thinks is the state of free speech on Canadian university campuses. What this report says about the UVSS is very disturbing. The UVSS received an F grade, making it one of the three worst student unions in Canada for censoring student speech.
I learned that the UVSS has a history of censoring pro-life speech on campus. It has accused pro-life student groups of engaging in “harassment,” when it seems it is the one doing the harassing. This long-standing campaign against pro-life students has led to two lawsuits. The UVSS has also engaged in other censorship actions, such as banning Maclean’s magazine from the SUB over its “Too Asian” article.

I am generally left of centre, and strongly pro-choice. However, I am also anti-censorship and anti-hypocrisy. As such, I am furious that the UVSS is likely using the funds it receives from student fees to fund its political activism and censorship. I also do not want my money being used to pay legal fees incurred as a result of this behaviour.
What is the point of having a university if no debate is allowed?

David Blair
UVic Student