Spotted: UVic through time and space

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HUM_spotted at uvic_EmilyThiessen4_web
Spotted at Victoria College, 1905

Yesterday in mathematics, Miss Charlotte stood on her tiptoes to reach for her abacus and revealed her ankles. I hope I was the only one to witness this magnificence.

HUM_spotted at uvic_EmilyThiessen1_webSpotted at Victoria Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Lucia Lancaster, the way you measure your newts makes my robes tremble. If you’re free sometime, want to come levitate my wand?

Spotted at University of Victoria, Mars Satellite Campus

Saw this in the MoonTower second floor washroom today, WTF?!:

HUM_spotted at uvic_EmilyThiessen5_web

Spotted at the University of Victoria, 2023

To the guy who works at the Bioengineering Lab front desk, I think you’re intelligent and attractive; but I hacked into your iChip and so I know that although you seem very nice, you’re a cat person and you don’t get Monty Python jokes, so it really wouldn’t work out.

HUM_spotted at uvic_EmilyThiessen3_web

Spotted at the University of  √∫∵∦^*~ , Universe 5

!≡∓*, your ⊃|- is sooo ≫|~~|≫, it makes my ⊖≜∝Δ≐⇔ go ⊆⊢{ | }⌉. Do you want to ⊕ℵℶΔ my }{@⌉↯ sometime?

Spotted at University of the Honourable Stephen Harper, 2041

To the quiet guy who sits at the back of my Petrochem class: the way you wear your gas mask is so cute. I’d ask you over if my apartment didn’t get bombed yesterday. I guess we could go out for drinks, but there was a radioactive leak downtown, so that rules out all the good bars. Also, full disclosure: I have several infectious diseases, so we should probably just be friends.

HUM_spotted at uvic_EmilyThiessen2_web