Will to game: entry 02, Planetside

Culture Games
Alpha Rho Leo 0257 II –provided (graphic)
Alpha Rho Leo 0257 II –provided (graphic)


Having every atom of my being rend apart through the vacuum of space made me sick, but when the red haze lifted and a cool breeze swept across my hairy face, I felt more at ease. I looked down to see if I was all there and found the terrain quite hospitable; the ground appeared to be soil, with pink flowers sprinkled across grassy hills. Tall vine-like trees with bulbous purple leaves stretched around me up to a grey sky. In the distance, rocky mountains spanned the horizon, fissured with rivers. I could have done much worse.

A cursory search of the surrounding area revealed no fauna, but just over the first hill I found several ripe stalks of tomatoes. A lush planet indeed, I thought,  if such a succulent fruit was to be found growing abundantly in the wild. Days spent hurdling through the vacuum of space had worn me thin, and seeing no sign of danger, I immediately began tearing the plump red orbs from their vines, devouring them in ravenous hunger. But before I could finish breaking my fast my sharp ape senses caught a strange scent, then there was movement.

I looked up from my perched position to see a monstrous creature charging towards me. It was a burly purple beast, bigger than I, bear-like yet reptilian, with large spikes protruding from its head. My heart raced as the creature lumbered closer and closer; I could only assume it was unaware that my impressive commander’s stripe denoted years of survival and combat training; still, the creature seemed unfazed. I fumbled through my pockets in search of anything with which to defend myself. The world grew dark as I was enshrouded in shadow. I looked up to see the ferocious monster descending on me with vicious intent, blocking out the sun above. At the last possible second, I drew the shard of a metal stowed at my hip and leaped forward with a howling slash.

The beast was wounded, stunned by my attack. Hoping to end the encounter quickly I gripped the sword tightly and aggressed. My second strike landed firm, stunning the creature once again. As I stood there, weapon raised to make the final blow, a screech erupted from behind. I turned at the last second to see another of the violet creatures attack. I only caught the deep burning blue of its eyes before its entire mass crashed into me. The force knocked me back. I was stunned at first, but my instincts quickly kicked in, and I ran.

Like any good ape commander, I knew the odds and I knew my weaknesses, one of which is the inability to fight two rabid alien monsters who have me in a pincer formation. Using my highly-developed simian reflexes, I prepared myself for another charge if only to leap atop my attacker’s shoulders and off into a full sprint. I did not slow, nor did I look back. My legs pounded into the ground and I continued to sprint, leap, and climb across the land and over the hills until I was forced to stop, not from exhaustion, but by something far worse than a couple of wild beasts. Before me stood a large concrete and steel complex, many meters high. It would be an imposing structure anywhere, but here, out in the reaches of a nowhere galaxy, it was not only a surprise, but frightening. It would seem that the Minikong’s reach had extended further than I thought possible.

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