STREETERS: How do you think cannabis legalization will impact road safety?

Callum Masterton, second-year Anthropology student.

“If they have a breathalyzer for it then maybe that would help, but going through, like, high school and all that, ninety-nine percent of people would drive high, like all the time. The stoners would drive high, everyone would get high and drive somewhere. I personally didn’t…I think they have to have a way to enforce it, right? Just like the breathalyzer. Before the breathalyzer came around everyone was driving drunk…if we don’t have that, everyone’s just gonna do it anyway.”


Sean Robin, Victoria community member.

“I think, honestly, it won’t matter too much. People are going to drive high like they do anyway…I think the same people are going to do the exact same [stuff].”


Eva Eaton, Victoria community member.

“I think there will be a severe impact because we don’t have any reliable way to test for current impairment.”