Students opine on Disney and disasters


Justin Ming
Third year

Martlet: Disney bought
Lucasfilm this week. Thoughts?

“Disney wants to do Star Wars . . .
Well, if it’s anything like Signs, then I don’t know if I want to see it. ‘Cause when Disney tries to branch out of their stereotypes of, like, pleasing children, I don’t know — it seems like maybe they don’t always do the best job? That’s my opinion.”

Martlet: Any thoughts on the hurricane?

“Why am I not surprised that, you know, the East Coast of the United States gets way more press than Haiti when it comes to . . . environmental disasters. I’m not surprised. My brother actually works for Al Jazeera in Washington, D.C., and he has had to stay indoors. They’re not allowed outside. There’s flooding in the streets.”


Michelle Moreno
Fourth year
Women’s Studies

Martlet: So Disney bought Lucasfilm this week.

“They own everything awesome, and they’re going make it all copyrighted, and nobody’s ever going to be able to do anything with those stories. Not that Lucasfilm didn’t have a bunch of its own copyright issues anyway, but like . . . augh.”

Martlet: And any thoughts on Hurricane Sandy?

I feel like people are going to try and make this about presidential politics but, like, I really hope people are safe and taking care of themselves and each other out there, ‘cause it’s really fucking scary. A lot of the people I follow on Tumblr are also in New York, and . . . they’re like, ‘What the fuck — I used to take that train,’ and there’s just pictures of shit flooded, you know, past your head. It’s pretty nuts!”


Sean Workman
Fifth year


Martlet: So Disney bought Lucasfilm this week . . . 

“Horrible. I’m furious. I’m really upset, because the first episodes, four to six, that’s it — that’s all we needed. Episodes one to three were garbage, progressively getting worse until episode three, and now episode seven is coming out in 2015? What’s going to happen? If we get Mark Hamill playing a really old, beleaguered Skywalker, maybe! But it’s not going to happen. It’s going to be terrible. That’s my opinion on that.”


Martlet: Any thoughts on the hurricane?


“Oh man, it’s intense. I have seen videos of trees falling down and crushing cars . . . Well, I mean, it usually happens down south, and it’s just weird that it’s happening in New York now. They evacuated like 250 000 people from Manhattan. Shit’s gettin’ — shit’s gettin’ real out there.”


Julia Kochuk
Fourth year

Martlet: So Disney bought lucasfilm this week. What do you think about that?

“Well, Disney just owns everything, so that’s depressing. But if they get a good ride at Disneyland then that’s okay. I wouldn’t mind.”

Martlet: They’re talking about making a seventh Star Wars movie.

“Uuuughhhh. Just print that. UUUUUUGHHHH.”

Martlet: Also, Hurricane Sandy is going on on the East Coast right now  . . .

“Yeah, my friend was in New York. She had to stay inside. And, like, bundle up. To be truthfully honest, I did hear more about Haiti than I heard about [New York]. Maybe I just paid more attention. The hurricane scared me because my brother lives out east, and some of my friends, so it was freaky.”