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The Martlet’s team of student journalists covers issues that matter to our UVic and greater Victoria community. Our newsletter allows you to get our coverage delivered right to your nest (aka inbox) biweekly.

Here’s what you can expect: a summary of our top articles, a link to our pdf version, quick links to things relevant to students (like bus pass information and upcoming events), and introductions to members of our team. We will probably throw in a couple gifs as well, just to spice up your inbox. 

We’ve also got two other newsletters, tailor-made for our alumni and volunteers.

ALUMNI – We have been publishing our paper for 73 years. In that time, we have amassed a pretty amazing group of alumni. Our alumni e-mails will be sent quarterly and include a fun throwback from our archives, any fundraiser announcements, and information about mentoring or workshop opportunities with our journalists.

VOLUNTEERS – Most staff start off as volunteers, and quickly become sucked in to the awesome vortex that is working for the Martlet. We welcome writers, photographers, editors, and graphics folks of all experience levels. Our emails will include stories that we need writers for, job postings, and journo requests for sources for a specific story. Dee, our Design Director, will send out graphics pitch lists specifically to the people interested in contributing graphics.

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