Taco Justice League

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The Taco Justice League food truck is most often seen in the parking lot of Wellburns Food Market, near the corner of Cook Street and Pandora Avenue. The food vendor is part of the growing group of food trucks in Victoria, and they are definitely here to stay.

The menu consists of three tacos: the Slap to the Kisser made with ahi tuna, the Belly-to-Belly Suplex made with slow roasted pork and the Green Bastard made with panko-crusted avocado. On occasion they do have additional tacos or even a dessert taco, and as a side dish they also serve Nacho Libre, their version of french fries.

On my visit I chose the Green Bastard ($6) and the Nacho Libre ($5 for a half order, $9 for a full). The Green Bastard is a nice change for a vegetarian taco from the usual refried beans or stir-fried vegetable mix that most taco restaurants use. The panko-crusted and deep-fried avocado didn’t have a flavour beyond the natural avocado flavour. But the rest of the taco had more than enough flavour to make up for it.

The soft taco shell featured a layer of cheese heated to a thin crust, which was a unique and nice addition. The majority of the taco consisted of a slaw flavoured with a chipotle aoli. The chipotle aoli did not feature a strong chipotle flavour, but there was a strong flavour reminiscent of garlic throughout the taco. A surprising addition to the taco was small pieces of fruit hidden within it that tasted like pineapple and added a bit of freshness, which lightened up the slaw. However, the fruit was only apparent in one or two bites; if it were made a consistent feature of the taco, perhaps a larger piece layered on the bottom, the taco would be the better for it.

The Nacho Libre features waffle-cut fries with numerous toppings layered on. The toppings of cheese, radish, cilantro, chipotle aoli, tomatoes, and green onion feel fresh, and the chipotle aoli were not too heavily distributed. To punch up the Nacho Libre, a little bit a spice or some other sort of coating for the fries themselves would create an even greater flavour profile.

No matter what you choose at The Taco Justice League you are guaranteed to have something that is not only healthier than most other takeout places, but also that tastes fresh and doesn’t leave you with the sluggish fast-food feel.