UVSS board meetings

Livestream, hiring committees on agenda at Nov.7 UVSS Meeting

The UVSS Board of Directors met for the second time in a week on Nov. 7 in order to discuss the hiring of a new Executive Director as well as…

Your UVSS Tweetcap for November 18

On a cold and rainy evening in November, the UVSS Board of Directors met to discuss their recent initiatives, upcoming events, and hummus.

Mar. 25 UVSS Tweetcap: Ratification of election results, confusion on VIPIRG

Mar. 25 was a beautiful day and the sun was still covering campus in a warm glow by the time the UVSS meeting rolled around at 6 p.m. As the…

Your Oct. 29 UVSS board meeting Tweetcap

The Oct. 29 UVSS Board meeting was a cheerful affair, as representatives, Directors-at-Large, and Lead Directors joked with each other and filled their plates with dinner. Ahead of them lay…